IMG 0036Whether it is a brand new home or you simply fancy a change, adding a feature wall can transform your space. Traditionally, bright colours and bold patterns were painted onto one chosen wall to offset a fairly neutral coloured room.  In modern times, design has enhanced, with numerous options to achieve focal points in a room. At Luxury Home Decco we believe a feature should be just that, a visual that makes an impression, draws attention to the beauty of a room and complements your personal design.

This simple design feature creates balance in the shape and space of a particular area. Even on a budget, it is the perfect way to intensify any space, a way to draw attention towards or disguise the components of a room intended to be concealed or accentuated.

While this trend is establishing itself in home design, as innovators in interiors we are increasingly being bold with our design choices leading to more and more of us not just accenting one wall, but sometimes two, or three, or all the walls in an area. Not only does this generate profound impact, but it can make the room feel more complete.

Whichever design choices you make, the rules that apply are generally the same. The first step is to choose the right wall (or walls). An easy way of doing this is to let your instincts take over, and identify the spot that naturally catches your eye when entering a room. It is recommended to avoid walls with doors and windows, as they may diverge the focus away from the overall effect. It is worth bearing in mind that wallpaper, when applied correctly, around chimney breasts and alcoves can soften features in a room and can revolutionise traditional and outdated furniture.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it is then time to choose the material.  In the past, most statement walls would be in bright, bold colours. In contemporary design, a subtle tone that blends in amidst the colour scheme is deemed just as effective. Textures and visual effects are an excellent way to create an effective ambience whilst sticking to your colour palette. 

Here at Luxury Home Decco we pride ourselves with creating stylish and original wall coverings. We tailor our designs to our client’s needs, ensuring we maintain our brand values of delivering the most luxurious and premium quality products. 

We specialise not only in sublime wallpaper but other areas of home decor too, including fabric wall-coverings, embellished door handles and intricate, feature wall tiles. We believe the key to great design is to capture the spirit and essence of the space by offering a selection of high quality products that can be used to complement each other or in fact be kept apart, depending on individual style choice. 

A feature wall is a prominent and favoured approach to make a statement in your home. A style feature that has been around for some time, and is still providing decorators and interior designers with the opportunity to add an injection of personality into the essence of our living spaces. 

At Luxury Home Decco we believe life should always be full of colour and splendor, and so should your home.  We believe in Inspiring your mind to transform your home.

Grand Designs Live will give us the opportunity to launch our latest range of wall feature tiles, hand molded clay tiles, with unique features, available in many styles. You have to see it to believe it.


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