Topps tiles imgAn important decision when choosing your tiles is the actual material they are made of and their suitability for your project. Tile materials have different properties and this is especially important when considering natural stone products.

Natural beauties
Natural stone offers a wide variety of choice; with beautiful glossy marble, rustic and warming travertine and hard-wearing granite being just three options. Playing around with different sizes and cuts of stone can add interest to any space whilst their impurities have variation add uniqueness. When maintained correctly, natural stone is a real investment that will last for years and wear nicely in your home with timeless appeal.

It’s not all about nature…
The tradition of creating ceramic tiles dates back centuries, and is the result of combining clay, sand TT Ones to Watch 1and water, moulded into the desired shapes, glazed then baked in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. In-line with their original purpose, ceramic tiles are ideal for adding pattern and texture to your décor. Opting for a geometric textured splash back or experimenting with different formats or colours can create a design statement in an otherwise minimalist space.

Win with porcelain                                                            
With today’s rapidly developing technologies, porcelain can now be made to look identical to its natural counterparts. So whether you’re after marble, wood, slate or limestone, opting for this man-made material will give you the same desired and stylish finish at a fraction of the cost without the hassle of maintenance.

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