A large work of original art can capture the mood of the room. If you have a neutral colour palette and a minimal interior, then a burst of bright colours with textures can bring your space to life.

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Significance of Original Artwork

An original painting that complements your interior design gives your home an individual look, placing it in a different league to homes that display mainstream high street prints.

Why Abstract Form?

A naturalistic painting is more suited to traditional style furnishings compared to an abstract style, which provides an instant contemporary appearance. Its meaning is in the opinion of the observer and can offer many interpretations. It will look timeless.

Choose Your Abstract Style

Smooth brush strokes that blend together in similar tones can add a subtle and calming appeal to a wall space. You could pick out matching tones from your soft furnishings to bring the overall look together.

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Alternatively, a vivid contrast of vibrant brush strokes can add a bold statement in your room which will gain immediate attention and create a talking point.

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If you have quirky patterns and bold fabrics on your soft furnishings, then a couple of colours which are of similar tones can tie the interior together. Velvets and leather, against a strong painted wall with a canvas bursting with energy and movement, can create a striking look in a modern sitting room.

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Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

If you have trouble finding the perfect wall art to complement your room, then why not request a bespoke painting? The best way to approach this is to choose a few colours from your interior design and identify the area you would like to fill. Then make a decision on the mood or style of the piece you would like; you can become the proud owner of a painting created to your individual specification.

Commission Process

1. Informal discussion regarding size, style, use of colour and texture. Quotation given. Examples shown.
2. Commission agreement written up and signed. 50% of fee paid and expected completion date given.
3. Update on progress communicated via email or telephone, to ensure painting is developing in the right direction.
4. Final payment taken and painting delivered.

Trouble Putting it into Words?

A photo of the space it will inhabit will be very helpful. If the commission is a present for someone, then a description about their personality and favourite colours would be a great starting point.

ArtWonderful Owner and Artist, Clare Care, will be at the stand personally every day to share meanings behind her artwork and to give advice, or to discuss commissions. All the Art is Abstract Form in Acrylic on Canvas and in a variety of sizes and assorted use of colour.
Limited Edition, numbered, signed, framed prints are also available to order.

Give your home a unique appearance with a stunning contemporary original work of art.

Visit us on stand E26 in the Design Arcade.


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