When we think of the future we often think of technology, innovation and modernisation. The bathroom of the future may conjure up illusions of talking toilets and computerised mirrors, but are these illusions in fact becoming a reality?

As a company leading the way in bathroom design and innovation, Pebble Grey has been imagining and creating the bathroom of the future through their innovative and market leading illuminated mirrors and cabinets. Their brand new line of heated towel rails utilises the latest energy efficient technology and manufacturing.

1. The future is green

As technology advances, so does efficiency and sustainability. When considering building the bathroom of the future, it has never been more important to also consider the environment by using environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient bathroom furnishings. Use natural but sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood or recycled tiles.

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It is also important to consider water consumption. After all, the bathroom is the room in the house that will use the most water by far. Consider eco-friendly showers and taps to monitor water wastage and save money.

Carefully think about the way you want to heat and light your bathroom. All our illuminated mirrors and cabinets use the latest LED technology and use up to 85% less energy than normal lighting methods. Our radiators come in dual fuel options, so you can keep your bathroom warm through summer without having to use the central heating.

2. Gadgets for a ‘SmartBathroom’

While the notion of computerised shower curtains and mirrors may seem a little far-fetched, there is evidence that this notion is set to become a reality sooner than you may think. With the market already offering illuminated mirrors and cabinets with built in Bluetooth speakers and shaver sockets it doesn’t seem far off the horizon.

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Helena Linksy, the Director of Pebble Grey says ‘As an expanding business in the bathroom industry we are always looking ahead to the future when it comes to bathroom design. We identify trends before they happen and develop innovative and interactive products to stay ahead in the market. Watch this space!’

3. It all starts with style

Whether you are building a bathroom from the ground up, or redoing the one in your home, creating the bathroom of the future always starts with style. Modern, contemporary and minimalistic, choose your style and stick to it. There are many sources of inspiration for deciding on a style for your futuristic bathroom, but Pinterest is particularly great for this sort of thing.

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From designer sinks and taps to decorative tiling and flooring, there have never been as many options for you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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