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There are those of us blessed with beautiful gardens or fabulous vistas on which we can gaze at our leisure. Over the last couple of years, one of the most innovative products to open up the home into the garden, patio or pool has been the bi-fold door. With the flexibility to open just one door for ventilation or to fold back all the doors for an uninterrupted view and open access, bi-folds have become a very popular choice in the home improvement market.

Designer Range has wide and varied range of bi-fold door solutions including doors from Solarlux who were the originators and innovators of the new generation of folding/sliding external doors back in 1983. Our bi-folds are available in a range of materials, finishes, colours and leaf configurations. A Designer Range bi-fold offers the homeowner a door that truly welcomes those beautiful views into the home.

But are bi-folds still the “go to” option for today’s buyers?

PanoramAH Door 2In an ever evolving marketplace, when it comes to opening up the home to the outside, Designer Range has incorporated as many glazed door options as possible to allow for individual choice and imagination. So what are the alternatives to the bi-fold Door option? Well, compare the bi-fold door with one of our newest doorway options, the PanoramAH! minimal slim slider. We’d like to share with you our thoughts on the two very different door types.

What are the pros and cons of a bi-fold and a minimal slim slider?

Bi-folds have some super features. They can be as small or as large as each individual door allows. The main door/s can be utilised as an individual doorway while the remaining leafs stay closed. The number of doors in a bi-fold is virtually limitless subject to specification and structural integrity. Bi-fold allow for long areas of continuous doors to be folded away to give free and easy access.

Now let’s consider the PanoramAH! minimal straight slider mentioned earlier. These doors are structurally glazed to provide great strength and rigidity despite the use of much slimmer framing profiles. This means that an opening that may need a bi-fold door with 6 or more panes of glass can be filled with a PanoramAH! door using just 2 panes! These doors are also able to cope with much higher openings of some 4 to 8 metres tall. Needless to say, this slider option gives much greater glazing areas and uninterrupted views than a bi-fold door.

While the bi-fold has the advantage of opening up a larger area to walk through to the outside, the straight slider generally offers better views when the doors are closed. The bi-fold doors concertina together which is not a problem when stacking to the outside, but can be a little intrusive if the open-in version is chosen. The straight slider doors open and close inline giving less open walking access, but there is zero intrusion into the property.

So, which is the right door for you?

PanoramAH Door

The simple truth is that we’ve only mentioned two design options for opening up your home to the great outdoors and there are other options to consider too.

But please don’t be daunted! Here at Designer Range we provide the complete consultation service to narrow down the options for the perfect solution to your project. What we would strongly suggest is that you come to Grand Designs Live to see, feel and operate the doors and always visit the company showroom to check out both the products and the company’s service before making your decision to buy.

Your choice of product will provide you with a new outlook for your home for years to come, so make sure that you make the right choice. If you would like to discuss with Designer Range the best option for you, please contact or contact us on 01782 391960


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