Traditional fabric walling has previously been the domain of luxury furnishings as the opulent alternative to wallpaper and paint. With somewhat labour intensive and cumbersome techniques such as battens and hollow fibre filling it was extravagant to say the least and detailing such as braid was often used to hide the installation of the fabric using headless pins as well as whole walls having to be stitched together for pattern matching prior to fitting.

Acoustic wood and grey fabric wall

Leather AV room

SoundSpace Solutions have brought the craft of fabric walling into the modern era using eco-friendly and sustainable products as well creating a sharp finish by using a track system that is fixed directly to the walls. This allows the fabric to be stretched tight to hold a neat finish, as well allowing the removal of an individual panel or a whole wall without removing the first fix, to change, refresh or rejuvenate any existing installation with minimum hassle.

Not only is the finish aesthetically pleasing, it is functional too. We use an acoustic core that not only improves the sound quality and speech intelligibility of a room but also give the walls a soft and firm finish at the same time, perfect for home cinemas and studies.

Freehang acoustic panels

We can create ultra modern spaces with clean and sharp fabrics, match ornate patterns and feature walls for a more period style or even build a luxury leather wall. All fixtures and fittings are surface mounted to create a seamless finish as well being able to hide wiring between the core for new installations without having to chase them into the solid or drywall behind it.

Green Wall 1

SoundSpace also have an eco-friendly initiative called ‘Acoustic Green’ where we have utilised our expertise and combined an acoustic core made from recycled plastic bottles and preserved plants to create interior walls that are a striking statement in the world of sustainable development.


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