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If you’re off on a late-summer adventure, Panasonic’s new wearable camera could be your new rugged companion. Weighing just 45g, the HX-A1 (H8.6xDiameter 2.6cm), £179.99, has a night mode, is dust proof, shockproof, waterproof to a depth of 1.5m and frost proof down to –10°C. It also comes with built-in wi-fi and a range of add-ons including various mounts to attach itto a helmet or bike. (0344 844 3899; panasonic.com)

To make the most of the September sun, invest in some tech that will tidy the house while you relax. Neato has expanded its range of e icient and easyto-use robot vacuums with the sleek black-bodied Botvac D85 (H10xW32.1xD33.5cm), £449. Withimproved brushes to pick up pet hair more
e iciently, this updated version is much quieter, too. (020 3318 2995; neatorobotics.com)

Pure blog

Fans of London-based interiors company Mini Moderns (minimoderns.com) will love the retro-inspired Pop radios, produced in collaboration with audio specialists Pure. Two sizes of the Pop are available, adorned in the nautical Whitby print, perfect for the kitchen or bathroom: Midi(H17xW9xD10cm), £89.99, and Maxi (H17xW19xD10cm), £109.99, both of which come with Bluetooth, FM anddigital radio, plus a kitchen timer, alarm and five presets.

utureHunter Gatherer

Future Hunter-Gatherer is a virtual grocery shopping experience inspired by nature. It projects a hologram that lets the user play a game to gather food by fishing, hunting or gathering the food from nature. The food the user collects in the game is then transmitted to the local grocery store or market, that in turn gathers the goods and deliver them to the user's door. In addition to making the shopping experience more fun, it also gives kids a better understanding of where the food they eat actually comes from. RRP: Value £1,900 (product is yet to be on sale)

                                          UrbanCone  PETE

UrbanCONE creates healthy microclimates outdoors as it can purify the air around the entire city – as well as in our homes. The device lifts up and flies in the air thanks to ultra light construction and photovoltaic solar panel wings moving according to the resemblance of a jellyfish. The purification is made by exchangeable filters that lie underneath the wings of the cones. UrbanCONE is an automatic, radio-controlled smart device, which clusters in population centers with greater need for filtration." RRP: Value £6,300

The PETE concept merges plastic bottles and creates garments from them according to your taste. The consumer only has to choose the required clothing type, colour and cutting, while the machine gives the amount of PET bottles needed for the fabrication and turns the bottles into polyester and prints the garments. This method creates a natural recycling method for plastic bottles and turns the consumer into an eco-designer. RRP:£2,100

Pure Towel 3

PureTowel is a smart towel hanger that instantly cleans your towel after usage, creating a cleaner and healthier bathroom. Using an ultra violet ray and a high speed dryer fan, it purifies and dries the towel in only a matter of seconds. By eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria in a towel and reducing humidity it helps the user to stay healthy and clean. RRP: £2,500


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