Find the right speaker system to suit you and your home with Orbitsound.


With the current myriad of home cinema systems, soundbars and portable speakers, the quest for aural Narnia can be a bewildering one. But never fear! Whether it’s booming, full cinema sound that you need, sound clarity for cosy evenings in with the telly or a music lover’s portable sidekick, British audio company Orbitsound has something for everyone.

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A little about Orbitsound:

Orbitsound’s award-winning technology and history was born out of the swinging sixties’ London pop music scene by founder, Ted Fletcher. British design and Orbitsound’s patented airSOUND™  technology led to their first speaker hitting the UK market in 2011; revolutionary break-through speaker, the T12 soundbar, which rapidly became the best-selling speaker in UK. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, the company has expanded its product range to offer soundbars with wireless subwoofers, all-in-one soundbases and portable Bluetooth speakers.


So which are you?                     

1.       The bass and boom lover

M9 lifestyle2

Orbitsound M9 soundbar

This sonic wizardry makes a welcome return inside this updated model, along with a couple of other new features.” – Rated 9/10, TrustedReviews

The large subwoofer provides really strong bass output, and there’s a separate volume control on the subwoofer, so you can adjust the bass for different types of music.” - Rated 5 stars, Macworld

Measuring in at just 300mm x 90 x 100mm, the M9 soundbar is the Bruce Lee of soundbars: small but mighty. Compact and discreet in design, it is handcrafted from solid wood with a tough lacquered gloss finish for durability. With attention to detail to accurately reproduce the mid-range frequencies, vocals come alive and low-frequency bass emerges without distorting harmonics. The end result? 200 watts of symphonic sound.

2.     The minimalist


Orbitsound SB60 airSOUND™ Base

“The magic bit is Orbitsound’s audio quality” – FT how to spend it

“The SB60 airSOUND Base is powered by patented airSOUND™ technology, which delivers rich quality sound at high or low volume settings, thereby enhancing dialogue, music, action and sound from everyday programming wherever the listener is in relation to the speaker.”Engadget

The SB60 airSOUND™ Base is perfect for those who crave high-fidelity sound packed into a solidly built all-encompassing soundbase. With its integrated subwoofer and sound-dampened feet, it delivers an immersive sound experience full of clarity without the need for extra speakers. Specifically built to unobtrusively sit beneath your TV, the SB60 is an elegant addition to your TV set-up which scores a home run on space-saving ingenuity.

3.     The adventurer


Orbitsound Spaced360

 “Summer’s first must have gadget” “a bona fide game changer for wireless audio.”Esquire UK

 “A terrific speaker with a sleek design and 360-degree sound” – The Daily Telegraph

Introducing the Spaced360: eschewing the conventional shapes of its rivals, the Spaced360 brings a valiant burst of both colour and eye-popping, industrial design as it is every part a breakthrough design-piece as an impressive sound machine. Engineered for durability, the Spaced360 is only 8.7 x 3.5 x 7.5inches and with up to 14 hours of mind-bending 360 degree sound, the Spaced360 is guaranteed to do nothing other than blow you away.

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