During the Victorian Era, tiles became an expression of Art in the home. Many had geometric designs and patterns across them. These Patterns and Designs generally included leaves, flowers, vines, fruit and many other forms of wildlife. The tiles designs drew inspiration heavily from Artists of the time, such as Klimsch, Dresser and Morris.

Many other aspects from the home had similar designs, Carpets, wallpapers and many types of furniture. At the Time, all of these tiles had to be hand painted, as there was no computer aided design or manufacture, making every tile bespoke.

Amazing floor plans can be created with these gorgeous Moresque Encaustic Effect Tiles. The Tiles have a mixture of floral and geometric designs, giving a traditional feel but with a modern twist, they are very eye catching and will instantly 'wow' anyone who sees them. These days this style of tile is not as mainstream as it once was, so these tiles will give your wall or floor an individual, distinguishing look.

Patterned tiles are perfect if you are looking to create a unique and individual style statement within your home. They are most commonly used to add an eye-catching feature in the kitchen, bathroom or utility. Our ranges of totally unique patterned tiles have been sourced from all over the world, taking into consideration quality and style.

They are incredibly beautiful and durable, quintessential for retro or vintage-styled homes.  You can view all of our patterned tiles online at www.crowntiles.co.uk.  


Wood effect tiles are one of the biggest key emerging trends in interior design.  Wood effect floor tiles have a distinct number of advantages. They provide durability, easy maintenance and most beneficial of all they don’t warp or rot unlike real wood. Our stunning range of wood effect floor tiles features all the intricate details and unique characteristics you would expect to see in traditional wood flooring.

Wood effect floor tiles are great for covering the floor surface in your home as they look professional and stylish but without the heavy cost or the burden of the upkeep. They are most commonly made of porcelain or ceramic and have a matt, satin or smooth finish.


Large format porcelain tiles are unfussy, giving a clean, flowing sense to any large or small space. Perfect for contemporary homes, large format porcelain tiles are also very much suited to a traditionally-styled decor. The large format has a unifying effect where two areas need to be tied together. For example the kitchen and dining room, and because porcelain tiles can be used outdoors, the large format is perfect to continue an infinity look outside for a truly seamless appearance.

Using large format porcelain tiles on both walls and floors can take interior design to a completely new level. A large open plan space will immediately benefit from a sense of calm and unity with a chic aesthetic. Large format porcelain tiles will also perfectly accentuate the height of a space and make smaller rooms feel more spacious.

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