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2016 is going to be a year where super clean colours and seamless lines reign supreme. A lot of focus is going to be on simple, functional and uncluttered spaces. However, this comes with a twist. Modern design is to be paired with natural materials, subtly combining to create something new altogether.

Modern, minimal, but not clinical

Sleek stylings and clean lines will remain popular, as they have done in recent years, but these will also be paired with natural materials, primarily wood and stone. This juxtaposition, natural with synthetic, creates a sense of effortless beauty. It defies the traditional bathroom design conventions - and it works. It helps give the impression that the bathroom has been carefully planned, without being obsessed over. It's simple. Materials are used because they work well together and look great - not because they fit in with a pre-existing design school or style.

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Consider darker colours

Darker coloured bathrooms , when done right, exude luxury and relaxation. Keeping in line with the rise in popularity of natural materials, slate tiles are going to be very popular this year. The most on trend colour this year, without a doubt, has to be grey.

This may sound dull, but grey is a colour that works exceptionally well in a variety of shades and hues, and it's perfect for creating a moody, tranquil atmosphere.

A lot of attention will also be paid to clean colours this year. Bright, high shine tiles and surfaces are on the decline, with matte, nude and neutral colours on the rise. These are perfect for matching with darker greys as they help introduce some contrasting elements to the overall colour scheme.

Take inspiration from the spa

Ultimately, these are trends taken from spa interiors. Spas have long made use of wood and stone in their designs, with this being a trend that has caught on with the mainstream. People are now keen to create mini spa-like sanctuaries within their own homes.

2015 will also see a rise in more luxurious bathroom fittings. Showers are to be supersized, with walk in showers looking like they will take this year by storm. Those who have more space to play with will certainly be tempted by the thought of a wet room. Big baths are also looking popular this year, especially deep, freestanding tubs. The unifying theme is opulence and relaxation, with bigger definitely being better.

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Bathroom technology is popular

To coincide with the luxurious direction bathrooms are taking this year, there has also been a surge of interest in bathroom technology. Showers that can be controlled with phones and tablets, Bluetooth mirrors that can play your favourite music and elegant lighting solutions are just some of the technology that is expected to be in high demand. In essence, these are finishing touches that make bathrooms the ultimate place for rest and relaxation.

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