For many, the bathroom is the first place we look to when choosing a room to renovate and adapt to modern times. Before you tackle the exciting tasks of choosing all your fixtures and fittings, the more tedious tasks of budget, time frame, work sequence and functionality must first be examined. If you are considering a bathroom upgrade but cringe at the seemingly immense task, take a look at the amazing transformations these three bathrooms have undergone and see what is possible with a little hard word and patience.

1The Lady Builder

This horrendous excuse for a bathroom is part of a complete renovation and refurbishment of a basement flat in Bayswater, west London. The whole apartment was in poor shape throughout, having been left dilapidated and unlivable for years.

2The Lady Builder

The above image has now been transformed into this, a beautifully modern, fresh and inviting bathroom, complete with rainforest shower, and even an Aquavision bathroom TV. 

3Intra Arquitectos

Looking like something out of a horror film, this bathroom had fallen into a state of disrepair, having been left neglected and unused for quite some time. Forming part of the consolidation of two flats into one home, the result is something special.

4Intra Arquitectos

Now it is the epitome of luxurious bathrooms, with timeless neutral colours, recessed shelving in the shower, eco shower head, and LED lighting.


Now, we want to show you something a little unique. From this image, nothing more than a boring, lifeless attic can be seen. Previously used simply for storing those family items that won't see the light of day for years to come, the owner's of this home decided to make best use of their attic space; a notion becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to transform and adapt their family homes.


A once unused space has now become the most loved room of the home. Not only does it include all the normal elements of a modern bathroom – shower, washbasin, towel racks and storage, the owner's have gone all out and included a sauna, fireplace, lounge area, indirect lighting to set the mood, and a freestanding sink.

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