Nikkie boysJordan Sclare and Michael Paul are the Nikkei Boys - Britain's newest celebrity chef duo and chief evangelists in the UK for the Japanese/Peruvian Nikkei cuisine. Jordan is Executive Chef for the NZR Restaurant Group, owners of the wildly popular Chotto Matte (Nikkei Cuisine) in London's Soho district, and Black Roe (Coastal Cuisine) in London's exclusive Mayfair district. Michael is Head Chef at Chotto Matte.

Jordan and Michael have become recognised as top Nikkei chefs in the UK, and are now preparing for an official launch of their brand, The Nikkei Boys.

This is a Coming of Age story

The Boys met at University in London, where they were both studying to become professional chefs. They became inseparable partners in class projects, establishing a lasting friendship. Even though they went their separate ways to serve apprenticeships, they always had an audacious dream to become celebrity chefs in their own right. Between them they served under Gordon Ramsay, Phillip Carrick, and David Cavalier, amongst others. They also worked their way up the ladder at iconic British establishments such as The Savoy Hotel, The Nobu Group, The Budda Bar, Aqua Kyoto, The RAC Club and Charlton House.

The Nikkei Boys' Mission

Jordan and Michael both believe passionately that the world would be a better place having experienced the captivating flavours of the Nikkei Cuisine - specifically the Nikkei Boys interpretation of traditional Nikkei Cuisine. Nikkei offers a broad range of flavours to the palate. It has been called 'a synthesis of sushi of the land and sushi of the sea.'

The Secret Kitchen

The hard work of designing the Chotto Matte menu began in a secret kitchen high above Leicester Square. The Boys gained inspiration looking down at the bustling London scene, and creating dishes for what was soon to be the boldest Nikkei statement in UK history.

Chotto Matte Logo

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