Bamboo Bicycle Club 4East London’s Bamboo Bicycle Club has been commissioned to run a live bike build that showcases sustainable innovative methods and bamboo accessory workshops at Grand Designs Live at ExCel London from 2-8 May.

The past year has seen the Bamboo Bicycle Club create two world first bicycles from using bamboo, composites and hemp materials. The world’s first aero-dynamic bamboo bicycle is currently on display at the Design Museum London and the world’s first bamboo bicycle made with 3D printed parts was created for a takeover workshop at the museum earlier this year. 

Visitors to Grand Designs Live will have the chance to watch co-founder James Marr live build a bamboo bicycle over three days, while two days will be devoted to workshops teaching how to make your own bamboo acoustic speaker and lamps - attendees at this workshop will make their own bamboo accessories and take them home! Components include energy efficient LED lights, easy to use tools for creating your bespoke speaker and lamp and of course plenty of bamboo. 

The Bamboo Bicycle Club will be doing a real-time bike build for audiences at the Grand Design Live. They will show how one of the world’s most eco friendly and sustainable materials can be taken from the plant, to a pole of bamboo and then be transformed into a sturdy and beautiful everyday bicycle.

The Bamboo Bicycle Club is regarded as one of the most exciting innovators in the bicycle design industry, having taken a bamboo bike first designed in 1904, and changed the methods and techniques of how they can be effectively made for all forms of frames. The company teaches people how to build their own bamboo bicycle, either at a weekend workshop or via a DIY home build kit.

Bespoke bikes have been built by customers at the East London workshop ranging from mountain bikes, hybrid frames to road bikes, fat bikes, tandems, cargo bikes and moreCustomers of the Bamboo Bicycle Club have influenced the designs since the business was founded 5 years ago and have ridden them across the world, including two doctors who cycled from London to Singapore for charity

Materials, glues, materials and techniques continue to evolve at the Bamboo Bicycle through the continued need to improve, innovate and keep up with market developments for expoxys and glues. Discover this incredible story of design, creativty and a business dedicated to making things differently.

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