Gumtree logoWe’re really excited to welcome Gumtree as the official sponsors of Grand Interiors. Gumtree believe there is opportunity everywhere when it comes to doing up your home or finding a new one, so head over to find your inspiration.

Whether you want to give upcycling a go or you need advice on how to spruce up your bedroom – there’s a range of workshops and talks to get your creative juices flowing.

On the 7-8th May head to the Gumtree Grand Interiors Theatre to meet professional designer and upcycler, Max McMurdo. He'll be giving some great tips on how to upcycle and the best items to choose when you’re giving furniture a new sense of purpose.

Then take the opportunity to discover room set designs, featuring items sourced from Gumtree, creating “famous places that never existed” (think Harry Potter meets Secret Garden) and see how you could create your fantasy at home. 

Once you’re full of ideas and ready to get started, there’s no time to waste. Head to their upcycling hub for a few more handy tips.

Visit Gumtree for some more inspiration or downloaded the app to keep up to date with the latest listings, on the go.

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