We are pleased to welcome back Airflow as sponsors of the Grand Theatre this year. With interactive debates from celebrity ambassadors Kevin McCloud and Charlie Luxton plus a host of our industry experts, it is a feature not to be missed. Plus Airflow will be showcasing their new generation of ventilation products at the show including the Adroit. 

Airflow Adroit is a new generation of (Mechanical Ventilation with over 90% Heat Recovery MVHR) units to control indoor air humidity and automatically adjust ventilation according to the dwellings requirements, thus saving energy.

Airflow MVHR ventilation units make indoor ventilation control so easy. The adjustment of their mechanical ventilation with heat recovery units is based on four different profiles, Home, Away, Boost or Fireplace function. Just choose the suitable one!

The ventilation unit can be controlled not only with the fixed controller but also via the Adroit Cloud service. The service gives you the possibility to control the ventilation of your house remotely using WiFi over the internet, for example with your smart phone or tablet. The intelligent interactive ventilation unit can also be connected to the house automation system PC and the home network.

Adroit ventilation units have an integrated humidity sensor that monitors the humidity level of the house and automatically adapts the ventilation to an optimal level ensuring that you can always enjoy high-quality indoor air. Efficient heat recovery does not waste the heat of the outgoing exhaust air but uses it to heat the fresh supply air coming from outdoors.

Energy efficiency is further improved by boosting or reducing the ventilation, either manually or automatically through sensors, based on the current need. Moreover, the unit reminds you when the filters need to be changed. As easy as it can be!

See them on stand K350


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