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room sets 2The GRAND INTERIORS ROOM SETS sponsored by Gumtree, aim to inspire visitors and encourage them to take home new ideas and information as well as helpful supplier contacts. We are inviting some pioneering interior stylists to come and bring their ideas to life at the show, using colour, materials, light and patterns to achieve some stunning spaces.

We worked alongside the KLC School of Design who sent the competition proposal to their design students. They then helped us pick our six finalists to come along to the show to build their room set.

The Room Sets will have a theme of ‘Famous places that never existed’ and our final six themes are a Neverland Study, a Grand Budapest Hotel Lobby, a Pandora Lounge, a Where the wild things are child’s bedroom, an Atlantis Bathroom and a Secret Garden dining room.

The winner of the competition, who creates the best room set for the show will be announced on the Grand Theatre at Grand Designs London with the help of Kevin McCloud himself!

room sets 3All of the rooms aim to be dressed with products that are easily accessible to visitors and are either in stock or online from current British retailers, manufacturers and designers.

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