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Single eco SKIPGO Bag aEnvirostock Ltd is a Social Enterprise that believes in the best of British Manufacturing and supply chains, and is committed to supporting the next generation of design creatives. We design, have manufactured and supply innovative environmentally-friendly products – where no single component need be landfilled post useful working life.

eco SKIP&GO is a world first (also patent pending)! All around the world metal skips are used for the collection of mixed waste. Skip Bags are also very popular, as an alternative – used in much the same way. However, until now Skip bags have never been able to be a true and viable alternative to metal skips.

Our product (range) solves the main drawbacks to all Skip Bags, and also one of the key issues with metal skips. To do this we designed a sustainable system and product range that, for the first time, made Skip Bags fully compatible with metal skip wagons (patent pending). Next we designed a system of Skip Bags with separate compartments (patent pending) so that different waste types can be collected without mixing (as with metal skips) and so be easily recycled. This translated into nominal if any waste left over from recycling extraction; and significant cost savings - to the trade and customers alike.

Not just a single product but a whole system! We have designed, as a world first, a whole system to go with our specially designed Skip Bags that means, for the first time, Skip bags can be collected with up to 8 tonnes in weight (all other Skip Bags carry only 1.5 – 2 tonnes). Our product range also runs to 8 cubic yards (all other Skip Bags are only 4.5 yards) – matching popular metal skip volumes. We can even make larger volume Skip Bags! These are just some of the highly innovative features.

All our products are 100% recyclable, and manufactured with zero or nominal waste processes. As Skip Bags, instead of metal skips, and with the greatly improved recycling rates, our product range has significant environmental benefits.

Skip&Go skips

Website: www.eco-glo.co.uk
Email: envirostock@gmx.com

We can provide lots more details available on request. Please note: this product range has only just been launched (July 2015), and already attracted interest from some of the biggest waste recycling, and skip hire companies in the UK.

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