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Bee brick cropGreen&blue are designers, creators and innovators, dedicated to creating a range of beautiful, considered products which help you to contribute to a more sustainable world, without compromising on design. The green&blue range is handmade 

Bee Brick
We have designed the ‘Bee Brick’ to provide a nesting site to support the declining solitary bee population.  Main stream construction materials primary function is to perform as structural components within the fabric of new buildings. We have taken these materials as starting points, and created habitats for bee’s displaced by the construction process to become hubs for greater biodiversity within new community’s.

The bee brick is specifically designed to be an integral part of the build and offers the dual function of being a construction material that also promotes biodiversity. It has been designed to be included in building projects as a ‘fit and forget’ component, and to sit alongside current green systems such as Solar panels, rainwater harvesting, ground source heat pump systems and Sedan roofs.

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 bee emerging crop

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