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Corksol Image 250Corkwall from Corksol.

CorkSol. UK was set up in 2014 to promote the use of CorkWall and associated products within the UK construction sector.

For centuries the use of cork has been seen in many countries and in many forms. It is a unique raw material with a list of benefits for a wide variety of uses, from thermal and acoustic insulation, to flexibility and durability. It’s unique composition makes it a perfect product for a construction material. Taking these benefits and blending them into a render, CorkWall addresses a range of issues seen in external coatings.

Energy efficiency, reduction of thermal bridges, elimination of cracks and therefore reduction in maintenance make CorkWall a perfect choice for just about every surface. It will adhere to most substrates including brick, stone, wood, ICF, uPVC and glass, should you wish. It is offered in a range of 17 UV stable colours for exterior surfaces and an almost endless range for internal surfaces. Water resistant and breathable, CorkWall can be combined with a waterproofing agent to make it fully waterproof for wet rooms and flat roofs.

Cork is a natural fire retardant and this is reflected in the CorkWall product. To sum up, a breathable, weather resistant, fire resistant, flexible, insulating render manufactured sustainably from trees which are harvested and not cut down, CorkWall is challenging the concept of truly green building materials, and offering a cost effective solution for new builds and renovation projects.

Product dimensions: L/W/H 4mm thickness
Availibilty: Ex-stock
RRP: £40/m2

Website: www.corksol.co.uk
Email: info@corksol.co.uk
Telephone: 07792 465909

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