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EzyPeezyWe design and develope water saving gadgets for the home and commercial sector. We pride ourselves on simple effective solutions to growing problems. Our aim is to create products which fit existing situations, to reduce the "lets simply replace it" trend. Retro-fit design is in our DNA.

Ezy Peezy is a simple, but revolutionary water saving devise for toilets within the home. The gadget is a monthly consumable that clips to the front edge of your toilet pan, without any need for tools or expertise. Once fitted the product slowly doses the pan, treating the urine, thus reducing the need to flush everytime we pee. Colour and smell are treated, which improves your toilets overall perception.

Product dimensions L/W/H:22cm x 6cm x 5cm

Availibilty: Online @ www.theezypeezy.com/shop

RRP: £2.50 each

Website: www.theezypeezy.com

Email Address: theezypeezy@gmail.com

Telephone: 01206 672348

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