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adaptavate newAdaptavate are re-thinking and re-designing the way building materials are made for a low carbon, healthy built environment of the future. We are developing materials that are circular by design, energy-efficient in-use and are nutrients, not pollutants at the end of their life.

Both domestic and commercial buildings have problems with moisture management and unhealthy internal environments. This can manifest itself as condensation, mould, and sick people in sick buildings. Plasterboard is currently used to line the internal walls of our buildings, but this is classified as a hazardous waste! Breathaboard is Adaptavate's novel solution to these problems. We have designed an innovative fabric solution that is a direct replacement to plasterboard. Breathaboard passively controls the moisture in the home due to the novel composite we have developed. This reduces condensation, mould and the need for mechanical ventilation, creating healthy, low carbon, energy efficient buildings of the future. Breathaboard comprises of a renewable bio-composite that could be used in many materials across a variety of high value markets to regulate moisture and harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the internal environment. What's more, when you have finished with Breathaboard, or you have a load of onsite 'waste', we have designed it to be a compostable nutrient to this planet at the end of its life – not a pollutant.

Product dimensions L/W/H: 800mm x 1200mm x 20mm

Email: tom@adaptavate.com

Website: www.adaptavate.com

Telephone: 07969 388684

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