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rotaireThe Dryline is a very simple idea which, once considered seriously, starts to make a lot of sense ecologically. It is a cover which attaches to a rotary airer thus turning it into an umbrella. This makes it easy to dry one's clothes outside because, while the unpredictable British weather can turn from sunny to wet several times during one day, it no longer matters since the clothes are protected from the rain.

Company run by the Dryline inventor as a vehicle for 'sustainable' ideas. This idea is worth risking everything to get it mainstream. He has several patents but none have ever made money. One man business, sales of over 7,000, good customer satisfaction.

Most people only use their rotary when sunny weather is assured, so their options are the energy-guzzling and expensive tumble dryer or drying indoors, leaching heat from the indoor environment and replacing it with moisture which can damage the building and cause asthma and other heath problems. A survey of our customers revealed that their rotary use had increased from 2-3 months a year to 10-11 months, so it maximises the utility of existing equipment. We have calculated that, against a tumble drier the cost of the Dryline will be repaid in energy bills within 6-8 months. We have also calculated that across the UK, tumble dryers account for 10,600 million kwH of electricity creating 4.56 million tonnes of CO2. (This assumes an electricity generation mix of 400g CO2/kWh). Across the EU 15 (using statistics from EMA) ownership runs at 40-60% over a population of 96 million households consuming 77 billion kwH and emitting 33 million tonnes of CO2. Everyone has laundry, so why not make it easy for them to dry their laundry naturally, and stop costing the Earth?

RRP: Varies, approx £57

Dimensions: Starting from 1.84 metres side length and 2600mm diameter

Website: www.rotaire.com

Email: mgv@rotaire.com

Tel: 01684 575156

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