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chimneysheep WEBChimney Sheep was founded in 2012 by a former bat surveyor from the Lakes who was frustrated at the cost of insulating her home when warm air was escaping through the chimney regardless.

The Chimney Sheep is an affordable and environmentally friendly chimney draft excluder made from 100% wool, uniquely sourced from Herdwick sheep in Cumbria. Supported by research from the University of Liverpool, Sally's invention has been proven to save the average homeowner up to £74 a year on their heating bill by stopping the loss of four per cent of household heat through a chimney – a figure which increases for houses with more than one chimney.

An open chimney creates what's known as a 'stack effect', where differing temperatures inside and outside result in a pressue that sucks warm air up and out through the chimney. Depending on the internal and external temperatures and the height of the chimney, this happens at an average rate of 40 cubic metres per hour (according to BRE) . The breathable Chimney Sheep, which comes in various sizes to fit all chimneys, keeps expensive, warm air within the home while still allowing for chimney ventilation to keep damp at bay.

In November 2013, the product was recognised by the Green Economy Awards, winning the 2013 SME energy efficiency category sponsored by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Product Dimensions: Various sizes to fit all chimneys, from round 7.5" Chimney Sheep to oblong 14" x 26" Chimney Sheep. They can also be made to measure.

RRP: £15 - £65, dependent on size

Website: www.chimneysheep.co.uk

Email: sally@chimneysheep.co.uk

Tel: 01900 269427

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