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Located in the heart of Grand Build, Ask An Expert, sponsored by Express Bi-folding Doors, offers a unique service designed to answer all of your project and self-build questions. We have representatives from every field including financing your project, project management, technology and advice from RIBA Chartered Architects and Chartered Architectural Technologists.

Family owned and managed, Express is one of the UK's industry leaders servicing the full process - from manufacture to installation - of British ready-made and bespoke aluminium products, including bi-folding doors, sliding doors, windows, glass roofs and structures. For more information visit 

All our experts will be on hand to offer FREE 30 minute consultations on all aspects of your build, renovation or development. Pre-bookings are now closed. Additional slots with our experts will be available to book on the day at the show on a first come first serve basis. Please see the Ask an Expert concierge desk as soon as you arrive to secure a consultation.

If you are seeking kitchen specific advice please speak to our experts at the Miele Kitchen advice centre.

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Grand Designs Live would like to remind visitors that the advice received in Ask an Expert should always be independently verified and if you choose to progress a project with any of our experts, visitors do so at their own risk and should ensure they have adequate insurance, check that your contractors are part of a certified scheme, have the relevant professional qualifications and have their own suitable insurance.

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