CarolineSantos300dpiMette is a multidisciplinary creative studio for projects in food, interiors and design.

Designers Nelson and Caroline Santos have established a strong reputation at the heart of engagement and emotive design. They love to evoke creativity and imagination - whether through telling a story, bringing back a memory or enhancing an environment - with exciting combinations of materials, colour, texture and pattern.

Their first kitchen furniture concept, the customisable workbench series, Chop & Change, proved to be a pre-trend innovation in 2012, and their creativity and approach has spread internationally ever since. Mette works with leading companies and individuals on unique and progressive design concepts, alongside cutting-edge conceptual design commissions from the trendsetting 100% Design, exploring a variety of topics from customisation, colour and materials, to indoor gardens, growing and wellbeing.

Creative Director, Caroline, sees the kitchen as a creative project encapsulating individuality, each element chosen or designed with care to evoke a positive and personal emotive response. As for a kitchen to really be the heart of the home, it must reflect what's in the heart, and lift it every day.

Mette is holding a Pop Up Studio in London from June 15th to June 20th 2015.

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