3sAn established architectural practice and interior design consultancy based in Richmond providing a full range of architectural design services with an innovative approach.

Reinhard has worked on a variety of residential & commercial projects in Munich, and ORMS and Pringle Brandon in London before establishing 3s architects and designers ltd. Both his private residences White House I and II have been published in the UK's leading architectural magazines, on television and in two best-selling design books.

Advice available:
Architectural advice on kitchen design, space planning and getting the most from your living areas

Top 3 areas of expertise:

  1. Architectural design
  2. Kitchen design
  3. Interior space planning

Company Name: 3s Architects and Designers
Expert(s) Name: Reinhard Weiss
Address: 17a Princes Road, Richmond, TW10 6DQ
Landline: 020 8332 9966
Email: info@3s-ad.com
Website: www.3s-ad.com

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