Minimal windowsWhy choose minimal windows®

More and more people are including Minimal Windows® in their new build properties and extensions. They are a great way of accessing natural daylight and providing a visual connection with the external environment without the clutter of window frames and panels obstructing the view.

The old type of sliding patio door usually had its locking mechanism in the centre.  The Minimal Windows® Sliding System will generally lock at the top and bottom with locking mechanisms which are hidden away and out of sight.

If you are thinking of having these types of window you will need to inform your insurers. Your new doors or windows are elements of your home’s security system and the changes you’re making will affect your insurance.  Many insurers expect there to be five-lever mortice locks on external doors and they may be unaware that this type of installation addresses security issues effectively, but differently.

How secure are they?

Minimal Windows® installations are often fitted with anti-theft devices and their construction makes it almost impossible to breach with a crowbar or jemmy. Minimal Windows® have been tried and tested at the prestigious Rosenheim Institute for the ENV Burglar Resistance Class. The Standard two point locking system was found to be extremely robust and was found to offer increased protection for normal housing security.

In fact, as far as insurance is concerned the features of these windows provide higher level safety certificates than traditional mortice locks.

So you can see that these would be a good choice when constructing a new home or extending your property.

Will insurance be a problem?

If you intend to modernise your home by installing Minimal Windows® or Frameless Structural Glass you should be aware that this could affect your home insurance. This should not be a problem if you use a specialist insurer such as Country Life Insurance Brokers who understand how secure this type of glass can be.

We know the sort of objections that can be raised when home owners install Minimal Windows® and Frameless Glass features.  We also know how to deal with them.  If you want to make use of minimal framed glass in your refurbishment or renovation, don’t worry.  Getting tailor-made insurance on homes fitted with Minimal Windows® is easy, if you have that important specialist knowledge behind you.

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