From our involvement with the Grand Designs Live shows in London and Birmingham, we know there are a lot of you out there that dream of doing a self build. There are difficulties in finding suitable land  for single projects  so if a brand new self build dream house can't be achieved then doing very large extensions, including basements are now very popular too.

Your 'to do' list will no doubt have’ finding the right workmen and materials’ but should also include 'what insurances do I need’?  And this is where we come in....

It's a given that contracts should be in place with your designer and builder and project manager but don't forget that insurance plays a vital role so don't be caught out - get professional advice from us.

Self build projects will often involve the owner buying in the materials, kitchen units, bathroom and light fittings and these won't be covered by your builders insurance.

We can obtain cover for Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, Contract Works (for the materials and equipment used in the build) and for any Plant that is hired in for the duration.

CJ3Structural Insurance

If you buy a new home, it should come with a Structural Insurance Warranty.  Typically, these last 10 or 12 years and are there to cover any defects that are not discovered until after completion of the build.   Although many main contractors use the NHBC for this, self-build clients may use a number of different tradespeople who won't have any such warranty in place, which means they really need

to arrange this cover themselves. 

We can quote and arrange cover for this at the start of the build process.  The Structural Insurance Warranty provider undertakes a number of technical reviews during the build process to ensure all work is carried out to an acceptable standard and to reduce the chance of a claim but cover can be arranged retrospectively if required.

Although a self builder probably intends to live in the house once built, circumstances can change and if the house is sold within the first 10 years, a prospective owner may refuse to buy if there is no Structural Insurance Warranty in force.            

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