BlogpostpicIntegrated solar panels in high demand

Ben Saunders, owner of SogoSolar, has been installing more and more integrated solar panel systems for discerning homeowners who want an aesthetically attractive roof whilst being energy efficient.

For many people conventional ‘on roof’ panels are too unsightly and this innovative and affordable approach means the solar panels are part of the actual roof surface rather than being mounted on top of the roof.  SogoSolar specializes in the installation of integrated systems which are perfect for new buildings or for homeowners who need a new roof.

Ben was recently involved in an interesting self-build project for husband and wife Lara and Dieter. Lara, a wheelchair user with a degenerative spinal disorder, needed a house that could provide her with improved accessibility. Unable to make the necessary changes in her current home and unable to find a new home that could be easily adapted Lara, along with her husband Dieter, decided to build a bespoke new home in their own back garden.

The design brief was to ensure the new build was as sustainable and energy efficient as possible and to specifically include a flush ‘in roof’ solar PV system, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system and under floor heating.

Dieter, a chartered accountant, quit his job to build the house himself after receiving expensive estimates from contractors. He had the help of two labourers whilst Lara project managed the build and sourced all the suppliers.

Lara and Dieter met Ben at a housebuilding show where he was exhibiting. After several discussions and meetings Ben designed and installed the unique solar PV system which complements the contemporary style of the property. This innovative flush ‘in roof’ system uses 4mm thin solar PV laminates rather than conventional framed modules. The install is one of the first in the UK where a GB Sol Roof Integrated System (RIS) has been combined with a zinc roof. The solar PV system forms the actual weatherproofed roof and makes up the south facing roof.

Lara commented: ‘The time and energy to build your home from scratch is not to be underestimated. Project managing the self-build I dealt with many difficult and frankly rude suppliers but Ben was a joy to work with. We love the way the finished roof looks with the integrated solar PV system. Ben has helped us to build our energy efficient dream home.’

Ben added: ‘Using the integrated solar PV system meant I could provide Lara and Dieter with the modern design they were looking for whilst at the same time reduce their energy bills. We also installed a SolaredgeTM system which uses a web based monitoring portal, enabling all of us to monitor the performance of the panels remotely.’  

The projected annual yield for the solar PV system is estimated to be 1600kWh. The finished property has achieved an EPC Level B with a rating of 88.

For more information on this and other integrated solutions visit SogoSolar at stand B34, at or call 0800 0025833.