Bio Fires for Every Home

In the modern world we tend to observe a unique longing for classic and natural inspirations in our living space. Fireplaces are among the most sought after focal points in today’s homes, not only the newly-built ones but also existing houses in need of a revamp.

At Bio Fires they come in a variety of styles and arrangements - inserts for existing fireplaces or DIY fires, freestanding pieces, wall-hanging designs and fully bespoke ribbon fireplaces for the most glamorous look. There are even tabletop fireplaces, which can be a perfect addition to a garden or patio.

The limitations in terms of fireplaces and their functions have disappeared and we are now able to create pieces that suit our needs and tastes. The simple and clean technology of a fireplace running on eco-friendly bio ethanol fuel creates limitless possibilities. Bio Fires continue to explore them with their new designs every coming season.

New Designs for the Season

The spring/summer season keeps getting busier every year as we see a never-ending increase in demand for stylish and functional fireplaces that do not require a chimney. The so-called quiet season in the fireplace industry is not quite as quiet anymore in their busy central London office and showroom, where new fireplaces are designed and crafted each year.

The designs are always fresh, well thought over, and engineered to the master level. The team at Bio Fires is ever so excited to present new stylish and beautiful designs and their stand draws crowds of enchanted customers every year.

This season they are introducing two new amazing models: mesmerising mirrored finish Phantom Flame and cylindrical retro-inspired Black and White Globe Flame. As usual, they are in sync with carefully considered expectations of homeowners and developers.

Bio Fires blog Globe Whi

Bio Fires blog Phantom roomsetup

A versatile range of bespoke products and fireplaces readily available to be delivered will inevitably satisfy the most demanding design tastes. The professional and detailed advice of the experienced and passionate staff will allow for the well-informed and pleasing choice of the perfect fireplace to suit your needs.

Grand Designs Live regularly host Bio Fires and the company always stands out with their innovative ideas, attracting a lot of attention with natural dancing flames in their fireplaces.

See more of what Bio Fires, visit them at Grand Designs Live Stand L106 (Grand Interiors)

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