Spring is here and Summer on its way so we have rounded up a few of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2016. With a few tips and products to can bring some summer vibrancy into your home.



One of the easiest ways to introduce a trend into your home is through colour, whether it’s a cushion, paint or piece or fabric. This spring the four key colour groups are Pink, Yellow, Green and Natural tones.

Sunny yellow shades return for Spring/Summer 2016 but then become faded again for A/W16/17 and move towards more muted tones. Add some vibrancy to your home using these paint colours from Designers Guild. Our top Yellow shades are: TRAILING WILLOW NO. 109 PAINT and AMALFI LEMON NO. 119 PAINT


Pink is a popular interiors shade for summer, with Rose Quartz, a baby Pink shade featuring as one of Pantones colours of the year. As the year moves on we see the shades intensifying with Vivid Fuchsia replacing by sugary pinks and flesh-toned shades. Our top Pink shades by Designers Guild are: VREELAND PINK NO. 127 PAINT, DIANTHUS PINK NO. 132 PAINT and LEADEN PINK NO. 146 PAINT.


Greys continue to be the most popular and flexible of the neutral colour palettes and as the year moves on they change from cooler greys towards warmer neutrals such as beige rather than true grey. Our top neutral shades by Designers Guild are: PINK PORCELAIN NO. 147 PAINT, QUARTZ GREY NO. 29 PAINT and MORNING FROST NO. 27 PAINT


Green brings a soothing element to any space. Mint greens through to olive and rich dark greens can work fabulously in the home, be it on walls or a statement chair. Vibrant emerald Greens lead the way along with ice-cream mint Greens this spring moving to more muted olive greens for the autumn and winter. Our top neutral shades by Designers Guild are: TUSCAN OLIVE NO. 85 PAINT GLASS GREEN NO. 98 PAINT




Photo credit: Designers guild

Painterly is used to describe a style that is textured and looks like it has been created using brush strokes from subtle watercolour washes to strong passionate strokes. Another key feature of this trend is the use of multiple colors. Introducing pieces of art in this style is a great option for homeowners because the colour scheme of the home can easily be updated by bringing out the different colours in the art. Another simple way to bring this trend into your home is through the use of textiles. A set of pillows or rug will add a pop of pattern without being overwhelming.



Fashion and Interiors trends are becoming increasing entwined, with bold colours and patterns seen on the runway often seen cropping up in interiors, making a strong interior design statement. Mixing clashing patterns and prints, which would not traditionally be put together, from floral to tribal to vintage to geometrics makes this a trend not for the faint hearted.


Mixing copper and gold made a huge impact on interior styling last year, and this year we will see this trend continue with the addition of mixing of different colours and textures of metallic surfaces and well as natural materials. Brass, copper, steel and silver can be used together in your home through accessories, lighting, and mirrors. Items of furniture made of mixed materials such as wood and metal, or metal and marble have become increasingly popular on the high street meaning that this trend is accessible to all.


Photo credit: Target

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