Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of vintage tiles users. As trends in society move on, the tile industry seem to be doing a great job keeping up with the latest and most fashionable designs.

Tiles come in an array of different colours, sizes and finishes and each individual have their own preference, however, recently we have seen a number of trending tile designs and certain ranges have proven to be extremely popular


Vintage tiles have been an extremely popular choice this season amongst home users as well as architects due to their classy yet fashionable nature. Over the past years striking designs have been the key for home users and many have decided on creating a strong impact on the floor.


There is a fine line between having a busy looking room and having a plain room, it’s important to find the right balance.  What is important to many, is the originality of their room. Users want some sense of individuality to their rooms, and adding vintage tiles to create an effect seems to work the magic. The Faenza tiles (pictured below) are an extremely popular choice. They come in a black or blue.

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