Think of the last time a design really stood out to you and you’ve thought was truly beautiful. Whether this was a building, an accessory or a piece of furniture, the chances are that this beautiful piece of design was curved, and the reason is hardwired into our brains.

In a study into our perceptions of designs and shapes, psychologist Oshin Vartanian found that participants were more likely to judge living spaces that were filled with curved furniture, or had curving walls as beautiful than rooms that were filled with straight lines. We are definitely on the side of those participants, and love curvaceous designs for our furniture.

This taste for rounded shapes appears to be universal and with this in mind, here are our tips on how to incorporate curves into your home - creating an inviting space that’s inherently beautiful.

Start Small

If your interior is currently on the linear side, it can seem daunting to introduce bold, rounded shapes with a large piece of furniture. Instead choose accessories that will complement your existing décor, while bringing in a mix of organic shapes. Shapely features - like this mirror or free standing shelves - will add a playfulness to your home without being intimidating and are a great way to try something new before taking the plunge into larger curved furniture.

Whirl wall mirror 01 tom schneider

Make a Statement

If you decide that curved furniture is the way forward for your home, then take a bold step and choose a prominent feature - like this curvaceous dining table - to create an instant focal point in your living and entertainment space. Well-designed rooms often have a focal feature for the interior to centre around and to add character. Choosing the right item sets the tone and mood and if your room is lacking in architectural features, a central organic shape in a dining room, whether formed with wood, glass or metal, creates an instantly dramatic and pleasing interior.

Swirl Dining table walnut Poise chairs swirl sideboard tom schneider curved furniture

Turn Functional into Beautiful

If you have an unusually shaped space in your home, or simply want to maximise your space with storage, the best way to do this is with fitted cupboards. Instead of a simple linear design that is purely functional, a designer that specialises in creating curved shapes can turn fitted furniture into an attractive feature like this wall hanging bookcase; one that is not simply a space to hide things away, but becomes an integral part of making your home beautiful.

flame shelves 01 tom schneider furniture

Bespoke Design

If you’re looking for something unique for your home and choose to commission a bespoke piece of furniture, nothing will stand out from the furniture on the high street more than a curvaceous design. By taking away the restrictions posed by furniture with four corners, the design process is set free and gives designers so much more flexibility to create a unique item of furniture. For you, this means you’ll enjoy an alluring piece of inimitable furniture that can only be seen in your home.

Curved designs are often inspired by nature, this is where we see naturally occurring curves and introducing organic shapes into your home is the perfect way to appeal to your innate understanding of beauty and to just create a stunning living space.

For more information on how to create an impact with curvaceous furniture in your home browse and come and visit us at the Grand Designs Live on stand number L157.

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