Adding a personal touch to a kitchen not only makes the space feel more yours, it also adds a stylish element to this busiest of rooms. With the sheer number of colours, designs, textures and shapes and sizes available, glass is rapidly becoming the first choice for interior designers across the world.

A coloured or textured glass worktop is a great conversation piece, focus or design expression. A matching or contrasting glass splashback and transform a room. Both can be designed to suit your tastes and the space they will inhabit, ensuring you get the very best result.

So why are bespoke glass splashbacks and worktops the stylish choice?


Whether you’re going for a coherent theme or mix and match, bespoke glass splashbacks and worktops deliver. They are available in just about any colour you can think of. They can include prints, custom designs, sparkles, stripes, LED lighting and a huge range of options.

Your imagination really is the only limiting factor here. Our talented design team can transform your ideas into reality. They are that good!


Texture is often overlooked in terms of the influence it has over style but not at CreoGlass. Texture has an important part to play in depth, reflection and how tactile a surface is. Whether you go for high gloss, matt or something else, freedom of expression is the name of the game.


Our glass splashbacks and worktops come in a range of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. Our design team can come up with something spectacular for any room. They can integrate your personality, your taste and your ambitions into a piece. There are few elements of any kitchen that can achieve so much personalisation.


Anything that can be beautiful, stylish and practical has to be a winner as far as we are concerned. Just because a kitchen has to be a practical space, it doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself too.

You now know that glass splashbacks and worktops can integrate colour, design and texture. It is also an expression of design flair. Did you know it is also impact resistant? That it can cope with high temperatures? Doesn’t fade with use and can shrug off just about anything you can throw at it, literally? All While looking fantastic? If only other things in life could be so good!

Designed around you

Bespoke is big in interior design right now. When you can get something bespoke for such a reasonable cost, there is no earthly reason why you shouldn’t go for it. All of the glass splashbacks and worktops we make are designed around your kitchen, your tastes and your needs. What more could you ask for?

We also deliver very competitive pricing and a ten year guarantee with all our glass splashbacks and worktops!

We have never had as much freedom of expression in our kitchens. Now is the time to express yourself and take advantage of that freedom.

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