Swing into spring with a hammock!

There can't be many more relaxing ways to while away a warm summer afternoon than lying in a comfortable hammock. It is the ultimate chill-out accessory and if you want to create the ideal living garden space and have already invested in a pagoda or gazebo, a nice table and chairs, plus a barbecue, a hammock will add the perfect finishing touch.

A simple, elegant design that has been around for at least 1,000 years (Mayan Indians wove them from plant fibres or soft bark, in Central America), it was Columbus who is believed to have brought the first hammock back to Europe from the Bahamas in the 16th century. But despite their association with a more laid-back approach to life, the versatile hammock has also been used for more practical purposes.


A triumph of design and style!

The sling design was perfect for use in ships, helping to maximise space and preventing sailors from being pitched from their beds in rough weather, as happened with traditional bunks. Thanks to their simple design and portability, hammocks made the perfect roll up bed for early pioneers in America, and some modern adventurers still swear by lightweight hammocks as an alternative to carrying a tent and sleeping bag. All you need is a couple of trees or similar supports and your bed’s made!

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Sleeping or daydreaming, you choose

One reason why hammocks are so comfortable to sleep in is because there are no pressure points and all your body weight is supported – hence the feeling of floating in air. Add some gentle swaying, and you recreate the primal soothing motion of being gently rocked as a baby. Just remember not to have the hammock hung too tightly because this will tend to squeeze your shoulders and cause your weight to slump in the middle – a banana shape is what you're looking for in terms of the ideal hammock shape.

Here at Liveoutside by Jagram, we’ve taken hammocks to another level with the addition of a timber built stand that makes positioning your hammock incredibly simple. The design also means you can follow the sun or the shade around the garden without having to look for different trees for support every time. And because it's so easily moved, you could set up your hammock indoors as well, in a conservatory or porch area, or anywhere else space permits.

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