Pangea Sculptures LTD

Create a contemporary design to your home, garden or workplace with one of our fine handcrafted sculptures. These unique sculptures are breathtakingly beautiful in the level of detail and quality. Once having a life of its own, the metal gives life to these stunning works. Marvel at each and every eyelash in the giraffe, or the sculptured muscle tone on the horse and the majesty of the elephant and see the personality of each individual animal come to life right before your very eyes. Let us introduce you to our phenomenal metal family.


The Rhino

Sculptured in a charging position this full sized rhino captures the true energy of this fearsome animal. The detailed armour and remarkable horns make this an imposing piece. Size and weights are approximate. Length 2.7m, height 2.15m, width 1.1m, weight 100kg.


The Elephant

A wonderfully unique collection of elephants, sculptured with the giant personality of the herd. Marvel at the curve of the elephant’s tusks and the high level of detail involved in designing this wonderful creature. Available in a variety of sizes Large Length: 3.5m, Height, 2.5m, Width, 1.2m, Weight 150kg. Medium Length: 3.4m, Height 2.1m, Width, 1.1m, Weight 120kg. Small Length 0.75m, Height 0.6m, Width 0.4m, Weight 7kg.


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