IMG 6053My Cinema UK offers design, installation and quality seating and accessories for home cinemas and small commercial cinemas.

Through our association with our parent company, Euro Group UK cinema seating suppliers to commercial cinemas, we are ideally placed to supply our quality cinema chairs for home cinema use.

We have everything from factory reconditioned cinema chairs to the best luxury leather recliner home cinema seats in the world! 

Depending on your budget you can specify your home cinema chairs in any colour, fabric or leather, with any wood finish, and our professional seating installers will even install them for you if you require

On the stand today you will find 3 types of seating and some badly named gizmo too:-

  1. Real Commercial Cinema Seating as supplied to your local Multiplexes, available in a variety of models, various fabrics in lots of colours and with fixed or the iconic ‘tip-up’ seats and equally iconic ‘cup-holders'

  2. Commercial grade Recliner chairs – they may look like your average High Street recliner but these are geared towards the correct viewing angle with a headrest that self adjusts (and you can’t even see it move inside). They are also a high build quality to withstand commercial use and they have various safety features that include thermal and optical cut-outs and no finger traps! …and yes they can also come with the ‘iconic’ cup-holders and our latest switching control is based on touchscreen technology, easy to use and adds that bit of Premiership Footballer Bling – even Lionel Messi has some of our chairs! (The cheaper ones!)

  3. Finally, we realised that lots of Home users prefer sofas and some people prefer to watch TV in bed – so we made a Sofa Day Bed – They are custom built and we have a few Caricatured designs, the one on today’s stand is Art Deco biased and was made for a famous Art Deco Cinema. Yes, real cinemas will be taking these too! Quality products with solid Beech hardwood frames, the best quality Fire Retardant foams and fabrics and as with the Recliner chairs – MADE IN THE UK!…did I mention the Iconic cup-holders? No, it doesn’t have a tip up seat, that would be just plain stupid…hmm

  4. All of our products can be fitted with the ridiculously named ‘Thunderbox’ system (don’t blame us, the Spanish manufacturers had no idea that it was another name for ‘toilet’ in Australia!) - however, it is a fantastic addition. A tactile sound inducer that operates with certain low frequencies filtered off of the soundtrack – once you’ve experienced it you won’t want to be without it!

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