Daylight is abundant and totally desirable! Some homes already maximise natural daylight; some homes don’t and many homeowners could and should. Architectural glazing trends change over time. Maximising natural light and bringing the outside to the inside, is a growing and unstoppable trend.

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Desirable natural light

Natural light is free; it’s reliable and it’s abundant. Architectural glazing not only elevates the status of a home, it also makes a house stand out from the crowd and to potentially be more valuable.

Simple, yet effective solutions can transform a living space:

  • Ultra slim sliding doors bringing the outside space, inside
  • Glazed floor features where light flows into the lower spaces
  • Clear balustrades to maintain the view, the abundant natural light and design elegance
  • Ultra slim aluminium-framed glass walls and flat roof features to create architectural drama
  • Glazed roof lights to brighten up secluded indoor spaces
  • Bespoke window features to maximise the glorious and abundant daylight
  • Breathtaking glass-sided homes that transform lives for the better

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Before maximising light check in with an architect, interior designer, builder and local Planning Authority. Professionals know exactly how to maximise natural light and get any dream glazing through the Planning process.

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Intelligent glass solutions

Variable temperatures, variations in natural light and the balance between privacy and openness are important factors in selecting architectural glazing. Achieving the perfect solution has many important considerations:

  • U-values of glass must comply with UK building regulations
  • Multi-glazed units must provide the best result for the right budget
  • Lead times that are fast and efficient with accurate manufacture
  • Bespoke sizes and designs to enhance the natural light
  • Ultra slim aluminium frames maximise the natural light to give continuous glazing without bars
  • Security glass and discreet locking mechanisms
  • Resilience to keep the heat in during the cold months and out in the warm summer months
  • Designed and made in the UK by skilled professionals
  • Installation practices that keep your home safe at all times

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Architectural glazing trends

Bringing the outside, inside is a growing trend. Imagine; any size, shape or colour of architectural glazing solution is now available. Homes in every geographic location can now be enhanced, whether they be a new build, renovation or refurbishment and all provide a perfect opportunity to rethink how to maximise natural light. Daylight or moon light; sunshine or a snow-filled sky; maximising the amount of natural light is good for us all:

  • Family-friendly
  • Romantic and relaxing
  • Adds status and value to homes
  • Makes an architectural statement

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