Econoloft, is a national loft conversion company that has been in business for over four decades and develops over 200 lofts each year.  A master bedroom remains the most popular loft conversion and in 2016 clients are investing in luxurious master suites to develop an adult retreat at the top of the house. Here the company shares its advice on creating the perfect master bedroom.

 A Juliet balcony is an alternative to Velux windows

What to include

Having an additional bathroom with the master bedroom will add more value to your home should you ever wish to sell.  You can opt for a separate room, a room adjoining the bedroom or even a bathroom space within the bedroom itself.  Juliet balconies are also very popular - it will not only bring in a lot more natural light, but if you have a favourable view it will show it off.

Another bathroom will add value

What if space is limited

Use a loft conversion specialist who is experienced and so is able to make best use of every inch of space available.  There are also specialist furniture companies who make furniture just for loft spaces or you can have furniture built into the loft.  For example, if you have a small space for the bathroom you can install a sink and toilet that you would usually find in a downstairs washroom.  You can also have a bespoke staircase and so where space is an issue the stairs don’t encroach into too much of the living space.

Dividing up the room

The division of your room is likely to be dictated by where the bathroom is located as it makes sense to plumb in any additional sanitary ware above your existing soil pipe.  A dressing area will often go underneath a sloping roof - you can hang clothes or build in shelves quite neatly.  A seating area or relaxation zone should be as far away from the bed as you can manage and you can either use room dividers or build false walls to delineate the space.

Cost of a luxury master bedroom suite

A straight forward dormer loft conversion will cost between £35,000 - £40,000 and then you will need to add on decorating, flooring and furnishing expenses.  If you want true luxury you may decide to splash out on a contemporary bathroom, decorative radiators, aluminum windows, surround sound, expensive bedding, mood lighting and thick carpets.  You could go one step further than a Juliet balcony and have a Velux CABRIO® design which opens from a window to a balcony in seconds. The final cost therefore, will depend on the specification you select and could be anything from between £5,000 to £30,000. 

Remember to discuss all your requirements early in the build process as it’s often difficult and expensive to go back and amend once the build commences. If you have any further questions about a successful loft conversion, you can speak to Econoloft at Stand B59.

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