The hallway is the first thing guests see on entering your home, so naturally you want it to make a good impression. Between creating a sense of space, establishing a welcoming atmosphere, and reflecting your personal tastes, it can seem like a difficult task to get right. However, if you consider these simple tips, you can quickly transform your hallway into a functional and stylish space.

1) Incorporate mirrors

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Mirrors can make any room appear larger and are particularly useful in the hallway, which tends to be the smallest space in the house. By reflecting light through the lower floor, the hallway appears brighter and more inviting. The room itself is also reflected, which contributes to the illusion of space. Whether you go for a simple modern design, or elegant classical mirror, you will be sure to notice the difference it makes.

 2) Express your creativity 

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Got something to say? Then a typographic stencil could be just what you need in your hallway. Just because you’re working with a limited amount of space, doesn’t mean you should limit your creativity. Wall art and stencils are an easy way to achieve an eclectic look in your home, and if you decide you want something new, it’s just a simple case of painting the wall - easy!

3) Get storage-savvy

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It’s important not to forget about storage in your hallway. It’s a bit old-fashioned to expect every home to come equipped with a cloakroom for taking off muddy boots and wet coats, but a simple clothes stand or rack can make life a lot easier, especially when you’re in a rush.

4) Choose statement seating

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Having a seat in your hallway used to be a way to ensure guests were comfortable whilst they waited to be seen. These days, however, we’d rather our guests made themselves at home, and felt as comfortable as possible on arrival. Though we no longer use hallway seating in the same way, it can still add character to a space, and act as a stylish focal feature that introduces colour, pattern, and texture to an otherwise minimalist hallway.

5) Plump for prints

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Last but not least, choosing a contemporary wallpaper can bring a completely new look and feel to your hallway. If you’re going for a colourful paper, or one with a detailed print, keep the rest of the interiors to a minimum. When done right, wallpaper can help you achieve the look you want, be it eclectic, modern, or classic. Wallpaper ideas on homify show that this doesn’t just work in the hallway; any room can be transformed with a carefully selected wallpaper, so get decorating!



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