tiles direct 1With spring at the UK's doorstep and dreams of fresh starts in the minds of millions, the time has come to contemplate this year's most promising and pivotal tiling trends. Once again, an inspiring collective of forward-thinking interior designers have been carving an impressive path for British homeowners to follow, which just as in 2014 centres largely on the use of superior-quality bathroom tiles.

So, with a little help from the nation's most iconic interior design gurus and a good dose of our own knowledge and experience, we've assembled a brief introductory guide to five of 2015's most important bathroom tiling trends you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about over the coming months.

1 - Featured Floors
In any bathroom where it may be difficult or even impossible to bring an eye-catching feature to any given wall, why not turn your attention to the floor? Simply by introducing a series of featured or patterned tiles that differ from those of the rest of the room, you create a central focal-point that adds a touch of style and sophistication without impacting the room's sense of space. Combine porcelain tiles with a freestanding bath and you're on your way to something truly remarkable.

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2 – Back to Nature
Once of the key tiling trends of 2014...not to mention 2013 and 2012...was that of bringing a brilliantly warm natural aesthetic to the modern bathroom with the added bonus of ultra-durable tiling. From realistic wood-effect finishes to hard stone and many similar tile designs, the natural look is once again set to make waves throughout 2015. The range of tones and finishes available is expanding all the time, ranging from jet-black slate to bright-blue stained hard wood effect tiles for wall and floors alike.

3 – Geometric Tiles
An example of a brand new tile trend tipped for very big things throughout 2015 is the strategic use of geometric tiles. Interior design experts have begun flocking to these eye-catching tiles in record numbers as a means by which to bring a brilliantly multi-dimensional feature to any bathroom when there's limited available space to play with.

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4 – Continuation of the Home
Now more than ever, leading design authorities are broadcasting the importance of making the bathroom a genuine and accurate reflection/representation of the rest of the home. No longer a purely functional space that looks and feels like a separate entity, the modern bathroom is as much of an important living space as any other room of the home. As such, 2015 is likely to bring vastly elevated attention to the kind of tiling that recreates the look and feel of the rest of the home. From rich and dark wood-effect floor tiling to the brightest of wall mosaics, whatever it takes to give the bathroom the same dynamic as the rest of the home is the way to go in 2015.

5 – Fade to Grey
Last up, another example of a trend that's been sticking like glue for several years now is the strategic use of grey. Careful and strategic use of a grey palette sliced through with elements of white and black seldom fails to result in a final finish that's not only quintessentially contemporary, but somehow timelessly elegant at the same time.