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The first consideration when selecting oak hardwood floor is where it is going to be installed and the moisture content of the room or rooms. For example, caution is advised when laying the flooring in the basement as they are generally damper and it may cause problems.

It is important to consider how much use the flooring with take – is it likely to endure scratches, spillages or other heavy use. Oak flooring is quite easy to maintain, and reputable flooring manufacturers such as Tudor Oak (stand B73) will be able to give advice on the most appropriate after-care.

The period and the style of the house is a consideration as well. Tudor Oak offer three types of flooring. Tudor Restoration, with knots, splits and optional rose-head nails, is most suited to a period house; it will withstand heavy use and dents won't be noticeable. If anything, they will add to the character of the flooring.

Character grade is the most popular choice of solid oak flooring. It has a smoother grain and smaller less frequent knots than the Tudor Restoration. It is traditional flooring, which shows the natural beauty of oak including ''pip'' and some knots. This flooring has a wide appeal, it adds warmth and subtle character to a home or to a commercial property, such as a hotel, and is suitable for a dining room, kitchen or a bedroom.

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Standard Prime is made with "cleaner" oak, and is ideal for underfloor heating while still showing some natural features. It would be suitable for a more modern house, but it would look equally beautiful in a period property with a modern "twist".

What the flooring is laid on would have an impact on the thickness of the flooring. Highly experienced staff at Tudor Oak work with each client individually. They will undertake a free, no-obligation site visit to help the client to decide.

At the Tudor Oak mill we select timber for each project individually, to ensure a consistency in quality. The floorboards are offered either square-edged or with tongue and groove fitting and are supplied un-stained (in the white) or stained to the customer's requirements.

The colour of the finished flooring would depend on the size of the room as well as its lighting. The darker the flooring, the smaller and darker the room would seem. Tudor Oak offer a choice of stains and finishes that will also help to hide dents and scratches.

In our opinion, European Oak Quercus Robur is one of the finest hard timbers for the best quality wood flooring. However, we can source other quality hard timbers to meet the clients' needs.

There are many things that need to be considered when selecting solid oak flooring. But it needs to come from a reputable company, with experience in making high quality solid oak flooring.

As well as flooring, Tudor Oak also offer internal and external solid oak doors, windows and other bespoke joinery. Alternatively, visit

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