Technogym is a leading supplier of fitness equipment and solutions worldwide. Having supplied over 100,000 homes with gyms for all spaces and budgets, this week Technogym shares its top considerations when planning a home gym.

1. Select the Right home gym equipment
It is important to select just the right mix of cardiovascular, strength, functional and conditioning equipment to suit your needs and goals. Also consider machines with internet connectivity and apps to help the tracking and managing of work-out and body data – everything needed to help you stay motivated to achieve your wellness goals.


2. Access for installation of the home gym
For example upper floors, basements, restricted door widths and staircases, must be planned for. Research and consider how machines arrive, and what the boxed dimensions are to ensure items can be delivered safely.


3. Safe working areas
Ensure safe working areas around the machines for maintenance and cleaning, or a personal trainer. Run off areas are required for treadmills, allowing safe space behind the machine. You naturally have some 'bounce' when you run or use elliptical machines, so ceiling heights are important.


4. Understand the space
Often we see machines in spacious gyms, health clubs, and hotels or in showrooms where there is a lot of space. It's easy to think that you can fit more machines into your home gym than is ideal – quite often you won't be working with purpose built wellness areas, but rather converted rooms or basements.


5. Atmosphere
The main variables when creating the right atmosphere for the most effective training experience are lighting, temperature, humidity and sound and need to be considered in the design phase. The ideal temperature for training is around 20°C and it's very important to ensure efficient air recycling as people require higher oxygen intake during exercise. Think about how you can use natural light or introduce different types of lighting to create the right energy and mood e.g. in the cardio area compared with the relaxation area.


6. Get expert advice
Some people know exactly what they want and if you're one of those you can utilise the space available to plan and create your dream gym. Quite often though, you'll need advice for specific training needs, and how to create a wellness space around these needs. Visit Technogym on stand L180 to talk to our experts about your home gym.

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