From smart switches to automated blinds and curtains, under floor heating, air conditioning and music, when it comes to smart-home technology the world is your oyster. Imagine being able to control everything in your house from your smart phone or tablet? Our home automation exhibitors HDL share their top things every homebuilder should know....


You can have "smart" switches in almost any colour, finish or style
Traditional light-switches are a thing of the part. Modern smart-switches are the same size as a normal light-switch, but allow you to set lighting, underfloor-heating, curtains, blinds and more. They benefit from interchangeable fronts which are available in any desired colour and in many metallic finishes.

In addition to the above, you can control everything from your smart-phone or tablet.


Automated blinds and curtains
The ultimate luxury, or is it? By purchasing shading products from the same manufacturer as the smart-home products, you save the cost of integration, and ensure control from anywhere and any time. Set your shades to open and close on timers, sunrise, sunset, or automatically when on holiday. Convenience and security in one.

You can save money on your energy bills
Studies have shown that around 40% can be saved with the correct use of smart-building technology. The use of ceiling motion-sensors, and one-button presses to switch off all the lighting in a house or affect the heating, is what is possible with a fully smart home.

The system is be easy to use
Home-technology is simple for friends and guests to operate, yet it offers so many advanced features for your to take advantage of. For example, the smart-switch shows the lighting setting on the first-page, but if you scroll to the next one it shows heating, air-conditioning, shades and even music control.

HDL3Sieze the opportunity
If you wire your house according to smart-home technology, then you have the most flexibility and the largest design scope for seriously powerful design of lighting, heating and other systems. The technology is designed to last for many years, and with contant improvement of smart-phone apps, your technology only becomes more useful as time goes on. Our customers tell us time and time again how much they love their smart-system, and we're sure you will too.

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