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Lazenby; the visual concrete master craftsmen

Love it or hate it; polished concrete floors have never been a more iconic choice. Building or refurbishing a house or home, to increase its value, is often in the back of our minds. Let’s face it, most of us want the wow-factors in our home and for the property to be worth way more than we paid for it. However, self-build, custom-build, development or refurbishment is not for the feint-hearted.

Living on a diet of building the ‘Grand Design’, ‘Dream Home’ or ‘Restoration Home’ many of us have now come to realise that this may not always be the easiest path to tread. Well, this is where Lazenby come in; we are the UKs premium brand of iconic polished concrete floors, furniture and surfaces. We can give you peace-of-mind and the benefit of 20+ years of professional experience. Lazenby are the go-to people for iconic and award-winning installations.

Like it or not, polished concrete floors are the must-haves for prestigious architectural spaces. Architects understand how essential it is to create a great first impression. This is not to say that home-owners don’t understand this; that’s why we all go to Grand Designs Live; to be inspired.

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Lazenby concrete installations are timeless works-of-art that also require a scientific approach. Poured and pre-cast concrete requires a high level of know-how. Installing 420m2 of poured concrete, in this featured second floor penthouse in Fulham, required accurate specification. Ensuring that it looks as luxurious as this, required professional expertise. Concrete may be brutal and be considered rather masculine, yet it has transformed this impressive penthouse into a picture-perfect dream home. In fact, it was recently let by Knight Frank; lucky tenants!

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Lazenby’s Mayfair Grey polished concrete floor features throughout this extensive refurbishment in the Talisman Building. The interior designer specified Lazenby because they know, like and trust us to create an outstanding job. In fact, this project has caught the eye of Elle Decoration UK recently. Architects are regularly winning awards for their projects and these projects often include Lazenby concrete installations.

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What would you chose; a concrete worktop or perhaps a flight of stairs? What about a split-level polished concrete floor or an external art installation like the soon to be finished Bournemouth Pier Approach? Whatever you can dream of, why not come and talk to the go-to experts, for the concrete must-have of your choice; Lazenby. We’ll show you our unique range of colours; the exquisite finishes and the breathtaking effects that can be created in your home. Come and be inspired at our new London Showroom; oh, and please bring your Architect’s plans. You’ll be glad you did.

Photographs: Knight Frank Fulham and Strutt & Parker Fulham Residential Lettings

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Photographs: Knight Frank Fulham and Strutt & Parker Fulham Residential Lettings

Photographs: Knight Frank Fulham and Strutt & Parker Fulham Residential Lettings

If you’re still reading, then we guess you want to know more?

Lazenby install thousands of m2 of polished concrete floors for every sector; Residential, Commercial, Retail and Public. A multitude of projects, large and small have been specifying Lazenby concrete for over 20 years throughout the UK, Europe and overseas. As master craftsmen Lazenby always succeed in exceeding expectations.

Oh, not that kind of detail?

You can see the iconic appeal of concrete; feel the sensory impact of concrete and know that it is a timeless classic. What else do you need? Let’s get to the real question then; can you afford it? Lazenby would reply; “can you afford not to increase the value of your property?”. Admittedly concrete is a personal choice; one that needs to be carefully considered. It is up to you; we’re here when you need us. Take your time; it is important to make the right choice.

Finally, for those of you needing more technical information; Lazenby’s polished concrete floor was laid 90mm deep over underfloor heating, onto the pre-existing concrete base. The Lazenby project engineers designed the new concrete floor to accommodate the existing loadings of the 1930s building. Steel reinforcement included 6 tonnes of 10mm rebar, tied and laid to ensure minimal saw cut joints. The pumped concrete was poured in a designed sequence over three weeks to allow for curing. Brass access boxes from Cableduct were used in the polished concrete floor, to ensure clean architectural lines, and maintain the high quality of the interior design. The installation included a soundproofing layer and eco insulation.

Now, you are most welcome to visit Lazenby's new London showroom, by appointment, please call 01935 700306. Seeing, touching and understanding the timeless appeal of Lazenby’s iconic concrete may help your dream to become your reality.

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