largeroomQ: I recently inherited a large but badly preserved property. I’ve stripped it back to its original state and need some advice on how to design the interiors to create a sense of cohesion between the large rooms.


A: It sounds as though you’ve inherited quite a challenge. While you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to refurbish such a large property, tackling a big project can be quite daunting. In my opinion, there are really two simple approaches to the interior design of a property like this.

You can intentionally make each room slightly different, so that every space has its own distinctive character, or pick a simple theme and allow it to flow through the house. My choice would always be the latter so that your home has a coherent scheme.

Once you’ve made that initial decision, you need to start putting together a collection of images and materials that complement the style and architecture of the existing house. I recently signed up to the online app Pinterest ( which is a brilliant way to access thousands of architecture and interior design images. You can then put together digital mood boards, which will help to inspire the redesign of your home.

By searching for materials, finishes and details you like, you will soon have a helpful catalogue of ideas on which to base the interior design of your new home.

If you still feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task, you could employ the services of an interior designer to take your ideas to the next level. Your Pinterest boards will be a great way of briefing them about what inspires you. Contact the British Institute of Interior Design (020 7628 0255; to find a designer near you.

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