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We're excited to bring you this brand new feature to the website, where our team of building professionals will be answering your questions about home renovation projects. 

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Top tips on how to render your house

Q - I’m in the process of stripping the existing render from my house. Can you give me some options for... Read More

How to make the most of your renovation

Q - We’ve built an extension at the rear of our house and are renovating the rest of the property. We’re spending our... Read More

Converting an old room into a bathroom

Q: We have a good sized room in our house that we’d like to convert into a fully-equipped bathroom, but we want to be... Read More

Adding a glass box extension

Q: We want to create a glass box at the back of our house. Could you advise us on the best way to do this, and... Read More

Landscaping advice to accompany a Modernist style build

Q: Do you have any landscaping advice for a garden that will accompany a new Modernist style build that we’ve just... Read More

Transforming a home office

Q: I'm setting up my own business and I'd like to make my home office space work harder. Do you have any tips for how I can... Read More

What to consider when building a timber frame house

Q: I’m planning to build a new house and would like to err on the side of eco-friendly so I’ve chosen a timber frame. What... Read More

Interior design advice for a large room

Q: I recently inherited a large but badly preserved property. I’ve stripped it back to its original state and need some... Read More

Best time of year to start your build

Q: When is the best time of year to start your build?  A:Great question! Being in the UK, weather is something... Read More

Making the most of your Garden

Q: We have an area in our garden that isn't being used to it's best potential; we would like to convert it into a... Read More

Finding a reliable contractor

Q: I want some work done on my house, but my biggest challenge has been finding a reliable builder to come... Read More

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